Our Story..

Established in 2016, EKEDAI is located and founded on the sunny shores of Singapore. To many locals, both young and old (and the not so old), the word ‘KEDAI’ might bring back nostalgic memories of the past. In Bahasa, ‘KEDAI’ means Convenience Shop, or fondly termed ‘Mama shop’, we aim to bring the convenience to our customers, and thus our namesake.

Our Services…

Here at EKEDAI, we aim to etch those memories and moments that our customers hold close to their hearts on little trinkets that go a long way. Up to date, we have provided services such as engraving and marking, on a wide range materials (wood, glass, metal, etc.), by utilising laser technology. We specialise in laser engraving, marking and cutting services. We continuously work towards improving our services to better serve our customers.

Our Promise…

We value our customers and strive to bring their ideas to life. We guarantee top-notch quality standards and consistency. We strongly believe in commitment and integrity. Thus, it is important for us to stay true to the promises we made to our customers.

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